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Decision 21 COM VIII.11
Invitation to the Consultative Body to Re-examine the Criteria Concerning the Inscription of Cultural Heritage

"The World Heritage Committee,

Emphasizing that the Constitutional Act of UNESCO which foresees that it will assist in maintaining, advancing and diffusing knowledge whilst protecting the conservation and safeguarding of universal heritage and in recommending to concerned peoples of international conventions to this effect,

Recalling that Article 1 of the Convention concerning the Protection of World Cultural and Natural Heritage considers as "cultural heritage" the monuments, groups of buildings and sites which are of outstanding universal value from the historical, aesthetic or scientific points of view,

Taking into account the fact that the intergovernmental Committee for the protection of world cultural and natural heritage establishes a list of cultural and natural properties of outstanding universal value,

Considering the Operational Guidelines for the Implementation of the World Heritage Convention and notably the relative criteria concerning the inscription of cultural heritage on the World Heritage List,

Invites the Consultative Body of the Committee to re-examine the criteria concerning the inscription of cultural heritage and notably criterion (i) as well as that of authenticity."

Decision Code
21 COM VIII.11
Credibility of the World Heritage List, Inscriptions on the World Heritage List
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