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Decision 21 COM VII.C.49/47
SOC: Collegiate Church, Castle and Old Town in Quedlinburg (Germany)

VII.49 Collegiate Church, Castle and Old Town in Quedlinburg (Germany)

In response to the request of the World Heritage Bureau, the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Land Sachsen-Anhalt submitted a report on the state of conservation and development plans for the City of Quedlinburg. At the same time and as requested by the Bureau, ICOMOS undertook a mission to Quedlinburg.

The mission reported favourably on the effectiveness of the measures already in place and the competence and commitment of those responsible for the management of the historic town. It also stressed the importance of the preparation and implementation without delay of a management plan for the World Heritage site.

The Committee commended the Ministry of the Federal State of Sachsen-Anhalt for the first report on the state of conservation of this World Heritage site.

The Committee commended the German authorities and institutions - especially the City of Quedlinburg - for their strong commitment to save this unique World Heritage site from destruction and further demolition despite a dramatic economic situation. Being aware of these tremendous economic difficulties and of the need of attracting investors, the Committee nevertheless urged the respective authorities not to permit any new building which could damage or destroy the historic ensemble of Quedlinburg.

It took note furthermore of the architectural competition for six open areas and the development of a master plan which shall also reflect the boundaries of the World Heritage site.

The Committee recommended its Chairperson to offer technical assistance on request for the completion of the master plan.

Having thoroughly examined the report submitted by the Representative of ICOMOS, the Committee requested the German authorities to submit by 15 September 1998 for examination by the twenty-second session of the Committee, a second report on the: (1) progress made in safeguarding the historic heritage; (2) results of the architectural competition and (3) adoption of the urban master plan.