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Decision 22 COM VII.34/31
SOC: Palaces and Parks of Potsdam and Berlin (Germany)

VII.34 Palaces and Parks of Potsdam and Berlin (Germany)

The Minister of Science, Research and Culture of the Land of Brandenburg submitted the fourth state of conservation report as per the request of the World Heritage Committee at its twentyfirst session. This report was made available to the Committee as Information Document WHC-98/CONF.203/INF.15.

The report referred to the proposed extension of the World Heritage site, the Planning Guidelines, town planning competitions for the Green Centre - Alter Markt/Lustgarten and the Quartier am Bahnhof, as well as other specific building projects.

The Committee took note of the report. It commended the authorities of the Land of Brandenburg for the actions taken in response to the recommendations made by the Committee at its twenty-first session.

The Committee welcomed the submission of the proposed extension to the World Heritage site and requested the Bureau to examine this proposal at its twenty-third session in the light of the discussions and recommendations made by the Committee at its twentieth and twenty-first sessions.

The Committee noted the completion of the urban competition for the Green Centre -Alter Markt/ Lustgarten. As to the town planning competition for the Quartier am Bahnhof, the Committee regretted that the reconsideration of the building blocks 9 to 12 in the context of the results of the competition had not led to a major revision of the programme or design of these blocks and had therefore not resulted in an entirely satisfactory solution. It noted, however, with satisfaction the information provided by the Observer of Germany that the height of the building had been reduced and no longer would interfere with the visual lines of the components of the World Heritage site. It considered that their volume and monotony constitute a negative element in the urban context. A revision of their design could still diminish their negative impact.

The Committee encouraged the municipal authorities to continue the process of urban planning and the development of planning guidelines to this effect. It appreciated the commitment of the authorities to transmit the planning guidelines for the Potsdam cultural landscape to the World Heritage Committee by the end of 1998. It requested ICOMOS to examine these guidelines in the context of the evaluation mission it will undertake to Potsdam in early 1999 and to submit its findings to the Bureau at its twentythird session.

With reference to the 'German Unity Transport Project No 17' (improvement of waterways), examined by the Committee at its twentieth session, the Committee commended the Federal Government for the efforts to find an alternative solution that would avoid any interference in the Babelsberg Park or other components of the Potsdam cultural landscape.

In conclusion, the Committee requested the State Party to submit by 15 September 1999 for examination by the Committee at its twenty-third session, a fifth state of conservation report particularly on the following matters:

- Final version of the planning guidelines and information on their adoption and enforcement;

- Progress in the implementation of the winning project for the Quartier am Bahnhof as well as on measures taken to diminish the negative impact of building blocks 9-12 on the architectural and urban environment;

- Results of the consideration of alternative routes for the waterways under 'German Unity Transport Project No 17' and their possible impact on the integrity for the World Heritage site.

Decision Code
22 COM VII.34/31
States Parties 1
State of conservation reports
1998 Palaces and Parks of Potsdam and Berlin
Report of the 22nd Session of the World Heritage Committee
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