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Decision 23 COM X.B.27
SOC: St. Kilda (United Kingdom)

X.27 St. Kilda (United Kingdom)

The Committee recalled the reports from the twenty-third ordinary and the twenty-third extraordinary session of the Bureau on the state of conservation of this property and adopted the following decision:

The Committee noted that a round table meeting on the state of conservation of the site was held in Edinburgh on 24 September 1999 with the participation of a representative from IUCN/WCPA and the UNESCO World Heritage Centre.

IUCN underlined that it does not recommend that this site be placed on the List of World Heritage in Danger.

The Delegate of Portugal highlighted comments made by the Observer of France at the Bureau session, namely the issue of economic development at maritime sites. He underlined that this applies to coastal areas in general. A technical meeting could be organized on the problems of tourism and economic development in coastal areas and he recommended the involvement of the International Oceanographic Commission (IOC) to start a dialogue on these issues.

Following the discussion, the Committee decided the following:

"The Committee noted the results of the St. Kilda Round Table of September 1999. The Committee recommended (1) that the boundaries of the World Heritage area should be expanded to include the surrounding marine area and consideration be given to a buffer zone as was recommended in the IUCN's original evaluation in 1986; (2) that a revised management plan should be prepared. The Committee also recommended that, until the management plan and the risk assessment of any proposed development that might affect the integrity of the site had been prepared, consideration be given to placing a moratorium on oil licensing nearer to St Kilda other than that already licensed. The Committee decided not to include the site in the List of World Heritage in Danger."

The Observer of the United Kingdom informed the Committee that his Government would be happy to respond to the Committee's request.

Decision Code
23 COM X.B.27
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State of conservation reports
1999 St Kilda
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