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Decision 31 COM 7B.2
State of conservation of World Heritage Properties - Ngorongoro Conservation Area

The World Heritage Committee,

1.Having examined Document WHC-07/31.COM/7B.Add;

2.Recalling Decision 30 COM 7B.2, adopted at its 30th session (Vilnius, 2006);

3.Commends the State Party for measures already taken and requests the implementation of the following recommendations of the joint World Heritage Centre/IUCN monitoring mission undertaken in April-May 2007:

     a)The process for encouraging voluntary relocation of the identified immigrant population to areas outside the property should be continued and completed by June 2008;.

     b)The census and study of carrying capacity within the conservation area be implemented as quickly as possible, and completed by no later than June 2008, and should be based on both the needs of the Maasai population and an assessment of the ecological impact of human populations on the ecology of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area;

     c)The recommendations of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) relating to traffic congestion within the crater should be implemented, as quickly as possible, and their effectiveness be carefully monitored and assessed with regard to the impact on the ecology of the crater and also the impact on visitor satisfaction, which should be assessed through appropriate visitor surveys;

     d)All existing gravel pits used to source material for road maintenance within the conservation area, including the one within the Ngorongoro crater, be closed and rehabilitated as soon as possible and that gravel material be sourced from outside the property, under the supervision of NCA staff to avoid the spread of invasive species;

     e)A freeze on any new lodge development within the conservation area, particularly on the crater rim. As recommended by the EIA report, the proposal for a new Kempinski Lodge on the rim of the crater should not be approved, in view of its adverse impact on the outstanding universal value and integrity of the property and the potential for the property to be included in the List of World Heritage in Danger;

     f)All existing Lodges within the conservation area should provide exemplary models of best practice in relation to protection and appreciation of the environment, and they should undertake an environmental audit to ensure they are conforming to and exceeding international best practice in relation to environmental management, including strategies to reduce the consumption of water and electricity;

     g)Continue the existing programmes for the control of invasive species and particular emphasis should now be placed on the eradication of Azolla filiculoides (red water fern) from all fresh-water bodies within the crater and the conservation area;

     h)The program to relocate NCA and lodge staff outside the conservation area at the Kamyn Estate site should be implemented and completed as quickly as possible, and other major infrastructure (such as the shops) should also be progressively relocated outside the conservation area;

     i)A high level technical forum should be established involving staff from the NCAA, the Serengeti National Park (TANAPA), and the relevant Wildlife Management Areas (Wildlife Department) to ensure better cooperation in relation to the joint management of the Ngorongoro-Serengeti ecosystem;

4.Requests the State Party to invite a joint World Heritage Centre/IUCN monitoring mission in April 2009 to assess the state of conservation of the property, with special reference to implementing the recommendations of the 2007 mission;

5.Also requests the State Party to implement the above recommendations of the 2007 monitoring mission and to report on progress in their implementation by 1 February 2009, for examination by the Committee at its 33rd session in 2009.

Decision Code
31 COM 7B.2
States Parties 1
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2007 Ngorongoro Conservation Area
Decisions adopted at the 31st Session of the World Heritage Committee (Christchurch, 2007)
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