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Decision 21 COM VII.C.48/46
SOC: Roman Monuments, Cathedral and Liebfrauen Church in Trier (Germany)

VII.48 Roman Monuments, Cathedral and Liebfrauen Church in Trier (Germany)

As requested by the Bureau at its twenty-first session, the Minister for Culture, Youth, Family and Women of the Land Rheinland-Pfalz submitted a report on the protection and management mechanisms for the Roman Amphitheatre and its surroundings.

The Committee took note of the report given by the Representative of ICOMOS concerning a workshop which took place in Trier on 28 November 1997 concerning the archaeological remains and current construction works in the vicinity of the Roman amphitheatre.

The Committee welcomed the initiative of the German authorities for extending the protected area to include the vineyards at the east side of the Amphitheatre.

The Committee expressed serious concerns about new adjacent constructions north of the theatre which may affect its authenticity, and urges the City of Trier to negotiate with the investors the location and density of the envisaged constructions.

The Committee expressed its interest in the results of the archaeological excavations which have revealed a part of the Roman wall and a water system. These precious remains should not be destroyed and the Committee hoped that it would be possible to revise the plan so that these remains can be harmoniously integrated. The Committee requested the State Party to submit by 15 April 1998 a report on the following issues:

- revision of the plans respecting the authenticity of the monument;

- conservation and integration of recently discovered Roman remains;

- adoption of an enlarged protective zone.