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The World Heritage Committee,1. Taking into consideration Rule 8 (Observers) of the Rules of Procedure of the Committee,2. Authorises the participation in the 28th session as observers of those representatives of the international governmental organizations (IGOs), international non-governmental organizations (INGOs), non-governmental organizations (NGOs), permanent observer missions to UNESCO and non profit-making institutions having activities in the fields covered by the World Heritage Convention, who have requested observer participation at the sessionand as listed under Section I of ...
The World Heritage Committee,1. Decides to discuss item 14 prior to item 13 as recommended by the Bureau;2. Adopts the agenda contained in Document WHC-04/28.COM/5Prov.2as amended.
The World Heritage Committee,1. Takes note with satisfaction of the Report of the Rapporteur of the 27th session of the World Heritage Committee held at UNESCO Headquarters, (Paris,June-July 2003).
The World Heritage Committee,1. Notes with appreciation the Report of the Rapporteur of the 14th General Assembly of States Parties held at UNESCO Headquarters, (Paris, October 2003).
The World Heritage Committee, 1. Noting the Report of the World Heritage Centre presented in Part I of the document WHC-04/28.COM/9 Rev, 2. Recalling Decisions 27 COM 4 and 27 COM 5.1 and the need for the Committee to be kept informed on the implementation of its Decisions, 3. Takes note with appreciation of the special activity in support of World Heritage in the Democratic Republic of Congo; Decisions adopted at the 28th session of the World Heritage WHC-04/28 COM/26, p.4 Committee (Suzhou, 2004) 4. Expresses its strong concern at the critical shortages of permanent staff in the ...
The World Heritage Committee, 1. Noting that no funds are available in 2004 for consideration of technicalco-operation requests for cultural properties, 2. Also noting that the Bureau did not approve technical co-operation requests in advance on the 2005 budget (Decision 28 BUR 8.3), 3. Agreeing with the Bureau's recommendation not to approve requests in advance on the 2005 budget as it did at its last session in 2003 with regard to the use of the 2004 budget, 4. Decides that the following request: Bangladesh : Study of the problems and monitoring of the internal moisture conditions ...
The World Heritage Committee, 1. Noting the Bureau's recommendations 28 BUR 8.4 and 28 BUR 8.5, 2. Does not approve the request presented by Ghana: "Workshop on History, Slavery, Religion, and Culture in Ghana, linked with conservation and protection of the World Heritage"; 3. Approves the request presented by Sudan: "Conservation of the mural painting of Gebel Barkal and the properties of the Napatan Region" for an amount of US$ 38,900; 4. Approves also the request presented by Botswana: "International Training Workshop for decision-makers on the World Heritage from Eastern and ...
The World Heritage Committee,1. Authorizes the World Heritage Centre to transfer from the budgets relative to Promotional and Educational International Assistance and World Heritage Education the amounts of US$10,000 and US$15,000, respectively, to the pertaining budget item to enable the funding of the request presented by Argentina: " Ninth International Seminar of Forum UNESCO - University and Heritage: 'Heritage and Management Centre and Periphery".
The World Heritage Committee, 1. Takes note of the excellent Progress Report on the Evaluation of Emergency Assistance; 2. Requests the World Heritage Centre to: a) ensure that, exceptionally, if resources from the World Heritage Fund for emergency assistance are insufficient, properties already inscribed on the World Heritage List receive such assistance on a priority basis, b) give priority to properties that are on the List of World Heritage in Danger, c) verify that Emergency Assistance will be used only to address emergency situations strictly relating to the conservation of the ...
The World Heritage Committee,1. Takes note of the statement of accounts of the World Heritage Fund for 2002-2003 and the present situation of the reserves;2. Also takes note of the state of implementation of the Budget for 2004-2005 and of contributions to the World Heritage Fund as at 30 April 2004;3. Urges the States Parties to pay their compulsory and voluntary contributions to the World Heritage Fund in a timely and regular manner and to settle their arrears without delay;4. Requests the World Heritage Centre to present, at its 29th session, the entire budget of the Centre with the ...
The World Heritage Committee,1. Considering that the 1972 Convention concerning the protection of the world cultural and natural heritage has proved to be one of the most successful and visible programmes of UNESCO and is reflected in its designation as a UNESCO flagship programme in UNESCO's Medium-Term Strategy (2002-2007),2. Noting that the resources available to the World Heritage Centre from the Regular Budget have increased in the 32 C/5, complemented further by a onetime additional US$1,000,000 allocation from the contribution of the United States of America, while the resources ...
The World Heritage Committee, 1. Recalling the conclusions on the "Evaluation of the Cairns Decision" by the 27th session (Decision 27 COM 14), the Decision adopted on the Representivity of the World Heritage List at its 24th session ("Cairns Decision", 2000), subsequently endorsed by the General Assembly of State Parties at its 13th session (2001); and the Resolution on ways and means to ensure a  representative World Heritage List adopted by the General Assembly at its 12th session (1999), 2. Further recalling that the World Heritage Convention establishes a system of ...
The World Heritage Committee,1. Takes note of the information provided by the World Heritage Centre in WHC-03/28.COM/INF 13A and commends Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru on the progress made on the implementation of the candidature process for the inscription of the Qhapaq Ñan (Main Andean Road) on the World Heritage List;2. Considering the results of the consultation meetings with the Permanent Delegations to UNESCO of the referred six States Parties and the documents adopted at the Second Expert Meeting held in Cusco on 24 - 26 October 2003and Third Expert Meeting ...
The World Heritage Committee,1. Takes note of the Tentative Lists presented in document WHC-04/28.COM/14ARev;2. Noting also that the recently completed study of the World Heritage List and Tentative Lists prepared by  ICOMOS and IUCN would contribute significantly to the discussion concerning the improved use of tentative lists as requested by the Committee in its Decision 27 COM 8A,3. Decides to include on the Agenda of its 29th session in 2005 an item concerning the improved use of Tentative Lists.
The World Heritage Committee, 1. Approves the proposed name change of Miguasha Park as proposed by the Canadian authorities. The name of the property becomes Miguasha National Park in English and Parc national de Miguasha in French.
The World Heritage Committee,1. Takes note that the following States Parties had requested that their nominations not be examined at the 28th session of the Committee in 2004:   • Corcovado National Park and Isla del Caño Biological Reserve (Costa Rica)   • Cajas Lakes and Ruins of Paredones (Ecuador)   • Primeval Forests of Slovakia (Slovakia)   • Ilhas Selvagens (Portugal)   • Rock Cities of the Bohemian Paradise (Czech Republic).
The World Heritage Committee,1. Requests that in the future the Advisory Bodies prepare their recommendations in the form of draft decisions, in collaboration with the World Heritage Centre, using the form approved by the Rapporteur, for inclusion in the working document on nominations.
The World Heritage Committee,1. Defers examination of the nomination of the Hawar Islands, Bahrain, to the World Heritage List to allow the State Party to consider an appropriate extension to the property.
The World Heritage Committee,1. Inscribes the Tropical Rainforest Heritage of Sumatra, Indonesia, on the World Heritage List on the basis of natural criteria (ii), (iii) and (iv):Criterion (ii): The Tropical Rainforest Heritage of Sumatra represent the most important blocks of forest on the island of Sumatra for the conservation of the biodiversity of both lowland and mountain forests. This once vast island oftropical rainforest, in the space of only 50 years, has been reduced to isolated remnants including those centered on the three nominated properties. The Leuser Ecosystem, including ...