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3. Policies Regarding CONSERVATION of World Heritage Properties
3.5. Factors affecting properties
3.5.10. Climate change and severe weather events

Strategy to Assist States Parties to Implement Appropriate Management Responses (Endorsed by World Heritage Committee at its Decision 30 COM 7.1)


11. “The potential impacts of Climate Change range from physical, to social and cultural aspects. (…). Experience and lessons learned on addressing Climate Change impacts stress the need for using a number of management responses at national and local levels. The World Heritage Convention provides an opportunity to develop strategies to implement relevant actions in respect of cultural and natural heritage properties threatened by Climate Change. Given the complexity of this issue, States Parties may request guidance from the World Heritage Committee to implement appropriate management responses to face the threats posed by Climate Change on their natural and cultural properties inscribed on the World Heritage List”.

13. “Conservation is the management of change, and Climate Change is one of the most significant global challenges facing society and the environment today. The actions that need to be taken to safeguard heritage are threefold:

  • Preventive actions: monitoring, reporting and mitigation of Climate Change effects through environmentally sound choices and decisions at a range of levels: individual, community, institutional and corporate.

  • Corrective actions: adaptation to the reality of Climate Change through global and regional strategies and local management plans.

  • Sharing knowledge: including best practices, research, communication, public and political support, education and training, capacity building, networking, etc.”

15. “It is noteworthy that there are strong links between natural and cultural heritage and the Climate Change issue could be used as an opportunity for the two parts of the Convention to be brought closer together”.

16. “(…) Climate Change is one risk among a number of challenges facing World Heritage sites. This threat should be considered in the broader context of the conservation of these sites”.

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Source: A Strategy to Assist States Parties to Implement Appropriate Management Responses
Threats:  Changes to oceanic waters Desertification Drought Flooding Other climate change impacts Storms Temperature change

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