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World Heritage

2 - Policies Regarding CREDIBILITY of the World Heritage List

2.1 - Nominations to the World Heritage List

Decision 44 COM 11 Follow-up to recommendations of evaluations and audits on working methods and outcomes of the Ad-hoc Working Group

"5. [The World Heritage Committee is] (c)onvinced that the most appropriate means for restoring and enhancing the credibility and balance of the World Heritage List is, inter alia, the development of high quality nominations for sites which have a strong potential to succeed, through enhanced dialogue between the States Parties and the Advisory Bodies from a very early stage, 

6. [The World Heritage Committee] (d)ecides to adopt the reformed nomination process, with the Preliminary Assessment as a first phase of the nomination process, and with the current mechanism - as described in the current paragraph 128 of the Operational Guidelines - as a second phase."
Date (year):  2021
Associated terms:  Évaluation préliminaire Nomination process Nomination Preliminary assessment Évaluation préliminaire Preliminary assessment
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