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Collaborative and Integrated Management of Protected and Heritage Landscapes Training

Thursday 31 Mar 2016
Friday 01 Apr 2016
Lin Peninsula, Albania (16/07/2015) © Manderina Promotions | Alma Gerxhani

The Collaborative and Integrated Management of Protected and Heritage Landscapes Training, which is part of the project “Towards strengthened governance of the shared transboundary natural and cultural heritage of the Lake Ohrid region” will take place on 31 March – 1 April 2016 in the Lin Peninsula, Albania.

Management of the potential extension of the World Heritage property “Natural and Cultural Heritage in the Ohrid region” in Albania and the overlapping Pogradec Protected Landscape will require a collaborative approach, involving the large number of stakeholders with interests in the area. It will also require establishing a harmonious balance of nature, culture, landscape and development.

So-called ‘co-management’ is a less familiar form of governance for many of those who will have responsibility for the area. This short course will bring together representatives of all the main stakeholders to learn about how to develop an integrated and cooperative approach to managing complex landscapes.

The course will have a strong focus on interactive learning, with an emphasis on group work, practical exercises, case studies and field work.

This project is co-funded by the European Union and the Government of Albania, and aims to improve transboundary cooperation and management effectiveness for the protection of the natural and cultural heritage in the Lake Ohrid region.

More information about the Lake Ohrid region project can be found at: 

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Thursday, 31 March 2016
Friday, 1 April 2016

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Lin Peninsula, Albania