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Business Planning for World Heritage Site Managers - a Toolkit

Managers of Aldabra Atoll and Vallée de Mai World Heritage sites in Seychelles implement some of the tools of the Business Planning Toolkit. (24/04/2004) © UNESCO | Marc Patry | Source

This project focused on strengthening the business planning capacity of non-profit organisations (government agencies, NGOs) charged with the responsibility for the management and protection of natural World Heritage sites that are currently under some degree of threat. It also had as an objective the development of a business planning toolkit for natural World Heritage site managers.  The pilot project tested the relevance and impact of transferring core business skills to the managers of 4 natural World Heritage sites located in developing and middle income countries.

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"Business Planning for Natural World Heritage Sites - A Toolkit"

A follow-up agreement between UNESCO, Earthwatch and Shell has led to the launching of a 5 year field level capacity building initiative during which site managers from up to 15 natural World Heritage sites will receive training from Shell executives on business planning, followed by a one year monitoring and support effort.

Date Start: Saturday, 10 January 2004
Date end: Monday, 31 December 2007