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Heritage of Science and Technology

World Heritage Potential of Space Technology

The issues of identification and preservation of the heritage of science and technology have been discussed at a number of international meetings organized within the framework of the UNESCO Thematic Initiative “Astronomy and World Heritage”.

In this regard, questions have been raised by international community:

  • Exceptional technological sites, representations of human creative genius that emerged to serve the conquest of Space - do they belong to all humankind? 
  • Is it possible to recognize such sites under the World Heritage Convention?
  • Do scientific and technological sites have a place on the prestigious World Heritage List?
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The idea of launching studies and research on technological heritage connected with space exploration within the framework of the Global Strategy for the balanced, representative and credible World Heritage List, emerged in 2007.  In 2009, a proposal regarding the definition of categories of Space Technological sites was included in the Kazan Resolution adopted by the participants of the International Conference organized within the framework of the UN International Year of Astronomy (Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, Russian Federation, 2009).

& Beneficiaries

  1. Technological heritage connected with space exploration promoted and its protection enhanced.
  2. Proceedings of an International Workshop on Space Technological Heritage by UNESCO define guidance on identification, promotion and protection of this specific type of heritage.
  3. The outcomes of the project will mainly benefit the States Parties involved, Specialized Agencies (International Unions, Space Agencies and Institutes, etc.), heritage experts and scholars with an interest in the subject.


  1. Review the status of national strategies aimed at protecting and promoting scientific and technological heritage in the States Parties;
  2. Review the status of involvement of Specialized Agencies (International Unions, Space Agencies and Institutes etc.) in the implementation of the Thematic Initiative;
  3. Discuss partnerships, which could be developed with Space Agencies with a view of undertaking joint activities within the framework of this Initiative;
  4. Discuss the framework and funding for the development of a Global Thematic Study on the Heritage of Science and Technology, including studies and research on technological heritage connected with space exploration, as requested by the World Heritage Committee;
  5. Discuss possible nomination (serial/individual) proposals.


An estimated extra-budgetary funding of USD 70,000 is foreseen for the implementation of this activity. These funds will cover organisation of the first International Workshop on Space Technological Heritage at UNESCO Headquarters.


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