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Preparatory assistance and establishment of a management plan for the Historic Centre of Agadez, Niger

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Founded in the ninth century, the Agadez, Niger, occupies a prominent position on the crossroads of the principal commercial routes of the Sahara, which allowed it to play an important role in the region until the 19th century.

After a follow-up seminar at the fourth meeting for the Global Strategy, held in Niger in 1999, a mission from CRAterre-ENSAG was sent to Agadez in December 2000 to evaluate the emergency preservation works carried out there. In 2001, two experts from CRAterre-ENSAG, under the framework of the France-UNESCO Cooperation Agreement, provided preparatory assistance with aid from the World Heritage Fund, including assistance in establishing a management plan for the city of Agadez.

The France-UNESCO Cooperation Agreement provided technical and methodological assistance in 2000 and 2001 and thus supported the different up stream process which gradually led to the inscription if the city of Agadez on the Tentative List of Niger in 2006, and the inscription of the Historic Centre of Agadez in 2013 on the World Heritage List.

Strategic objectives
  • Preparatory assistance
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Date Start: 2001
Date end: 2003