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Support to the School of African Heritage (EPA), Porto Novo, Benin

Geographical focus

Over a span of ten years, the PRÉMA (Preventive conservation in museums of Africa) programme has trained more than 400 African professionals in preventative conservation and exhibition methods. As such, the School of African Heritage (EPA), Porto Novo (Benin), in liaison with the cultural heritage decision makers of 27 African countries involved in the programme, requested from both UNESCO and other partners, support for a course to train “patrimoniteurs” (heritage professionals). These professionals are essential in the promotion of the educational and tourism components of the collections of African heritage. Under the framework of the France-UNESCO Cooperation Agreement, technical and pedagogical assistance was provided to set up a distance learning module. Specifically adapted to the training needs of the School of African Heritage, this project involved a distance education programme carried out in partnership with the French National Centre for Distance Education (CNED) and the University of Provence in order to create a bachelor degree of design and implementation of Cultural Projects.

Two degree courses were developed for African heritage professionals, both oriented towards professional training. An applied bachelor of preventative conservation (Museums and Archives) in partnership with the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, France, and a bachelor of cultural mediation in partnership with the University of Provence.

Strategic objectives
  • Training
Geographical focus
Date Start: Monday, 1 January 2001
Date end: Friday, 31 December 2004