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Periodic Reporting 1st Cycle: Europe and North America

The First Cycle of the Periodic Reporting exercise was carried out from 2001 to 2006 for Europe and from 2001 to 2005 for North America. The exercise provided an opportunity for States Parties to highlight a number of challenges.

Europe Region

For the Periodic Report for Europe , the results of the exercise and the Action Plan were presented and adopted by the World Heritage Committee at its 30th session in Vilnius, 2006 (see Decision 30COM 11A.1).

The exercise has helped to increase interest in and awareness of the World Heritage Convention among governments and institutions and has brought to light a number of challenges and concerns expressed by Focal Points and Site Managers.

In response to these concerns, sub-regional recommendations and an overall Action Plan have been developed in collaboration with national Focal Points and the Advisory Bodies.

The Europe Periodic Reporting of the First Cycle was an important achievement for the whole region. It has resulted in the digital collection of all the data made available by States Parties and has set the pace for the increased cooperation between States Parties in the framework of the World Heritage Convention. 

The exercise results for Europe is published in the World Heritage Papers, N°20  "Periodic Report and Action Plan 2005-2006" .

Periodic Reporting and Action plan 2005-2006

North America Region

The  Periodic Report for North America assessed the implementation of the World Heritage Convention and the state of conservation of World Heritage properties in Canada and United States of America and was presented and adopted by the World Heritage Committee at its 29th session in Durban, 2005 (see Decision 29COM 11A).

The Report has been a pioneering exercise for the elaboration of statements of significance (approved in 2006, see  Decision 30COM 11B ).

This process was conducted in close collaboration with the Advisory Bodies and resulted in a methodology which became a reference for World Heritage properties worldwide.

The subsequent activities of the Periodic Reporting exercise for North America have focused on strengthening planning and monitoring tools, developing guidelines for management plans and establishing principles for evaluating visual impacts of activities in or adjacent to World Heritage properties.

The national reports for North America are available on the following websites:

United States of Amercia
Questionnaire format of the First Cycle
Questionnaires reports of the First Cycle
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