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Complex of the Temple for the Worship of the Nguyen Emperors (Thé Mieu)

This complex, located to the south-east of the Imperial City, comprises:

  • the temple itself (Thé Mieu) built in 1820;
  • the Temple of the Resurrection (Hung Mieu), dedicated to the worship of the father of Emperor Gia Long (1802-1820);
  • the multi-storey Pavilion of Radiant Benevolence from On-High (Hiern Lam Cac);
  • the nine bronze dynastic urns, cast between 1835 and 1839, each weighing two and a half tonnes;
  • the surrounding walls and twelve gateways through them.The complex is due to become an audiovisual and film training centre, along with the complex of the Temple of the Nine Nguyen Lords.
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