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States Parties
Ratification Status

States to the Convention as of 31-Jan-2017
State Party Date Type of instrument
Afghanistan Afghanistan 1979-03-2020/03/1979 R
Australia Australia 1974-08-2222/08/1974 R
Bangladesh Bangladesh 1983-08-0303/08/1983 Ac
Bhutan Bhutan 2001-10-2222/10/2001 R
Brunei Darussalam Brunei Darussalam 2011-08-1212/08/2011 R
Cambodia Cambodia 1991-11-2828/11/1991 Ac
China China 1985-12-1212/12/1985 R
Cook Islands Cook Islands 2009-01-1616/01/2009 R
Democratic People's Republic of Korea Democratic People's Republic of Korea 1998-07-2121/07/1998 Ac
Fiji Fiji 1990-11-2121/11/1990 R
India India 1977-11-1414/11/1977 R
Indonesia Indonesia 1989-07-0606/07/1989 Ac
Iran (Islamic Republic of) Iran (Islamic Republic of) 1975-02-2626/02/1975 Ac
Japan Japan 1992-06-3030/06/1992 Ac
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan 1994-04-2929/04/1994 Ac
Kiribati Kiribati 2000-05-1212/05/2000 Ac
Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan 1995-07-0303/07/1995 Ac
Lao People's Democratic Republic Lao People's Democratic Republic 1987-03-2020/03/1987 R
Malaysia Malaysia 1988-12-0707/12/1988 R
Maldives Maldives 1986-05-2222/05/1986 Ac
Marshall Islands Marshall Islands 2002-04-2424/04/2002 Ac
Micronesia (Federated States of) Micronesia (Federated States of) 2002-07-2222/07/2002 Ac
Mongolia Mongolia 1990-02-0202/02/1990 Ac
Myanmar Myanmar 1994-04-2929/04/1994 Ac
Nepal Nepal 1978-06-2020/06/1978 Ac
New Zealand New Zealand 1984-11-2222/11/1984 R
Niue Niue 2001-01-2323/01/2001 Ac
Pakistan Pakistan 1976-07-2323/07/1976 R
Palau Palau 2002-06-1111/06/2002 Ac
Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea 1997-07-2828/07/1997 Ac
Philippines Philippines 1985-09-1919/09/1985 R
Republic of Korea Republic of Korea 1988-09-1414/09/1988 Ac
Samoa Samoa 2001-08-2828/08/2001 Ac
Singapore Singapore 2012-06-1919/06/2012 R
Solomon Islands Solomon Islands 1992-06-1010/06/1992 A
Sri Lanka Sri Lanka 1980-06-0606/06/1980 Ac
Tajikistan Tajikistan 1992-08-2828/08/1992 S
Thailand Thailand 1987-09-1717/09/1987 Ac
Timor-Leste Timor-Leste 2016-10-3131/10/2016 R
Tonga Tonga 2004-04-3030/04/2004 Ac
Turkmenistan Turkmenistan 1994-09-3030/09/1994 S
Uzbekistan Uzbekistan 1993-01-1313/01/1993 S
Vanuatu Vanuatu 2002-06-1313/06/2002 R
Viet Nam Viet Nam 1987-10-1919/10/1987 Ac

Date of deposit of ratification (R), acceptance (Ac), accession (A) or of the notification of succession (S)1


The symbol ** designates those States for whom, in accordance with Article 33, the Convention has not yet entered into force.

  1. This Convention entered into force on 17 December 1975. It subsequently entered into force for each State three months after the date of deposit of that State's instrument, except in cases of declarations of succession (indicated by the letter (S)), where the entry into force occurred on the date on which the State assumed responsibility for conducting its international relations.