The UNESCO World Heritage Centre participated in a round table on “Attractiveness of regional assets: The creation and regionalization of added value” at the world’s first international forum of Purple Economy held in Paris, France, 11-13 October 2011 together with Carlo Petrini (Founder and President of Slow Food) and Daniel Maximin (Commissioner of the French Year on Overseas Territories). The event launched an inclusive international debate on different approaches to economy placing culture in the centre of sustainable development, in the six official languages of the United Nations. The Forum was also addressed by the Assistant Director General for Culture, Francesco Bandarin on 11 October 2011.

The organizers stated that, "‘Purple economy’ is far more than laying claim to a new term. It is about looking beyond the economic value of cultural outputs to encompass the cultural dimension of any asset or service. Purple economy is part of a wider ethical approach. It contributes to a richer and more diverse cultural environment. Such wealth and diversity are decidedly drivers for progress."

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