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Tides of Time Partners Renew Commitment to Marine World Heritage until 2014

Thursday, 30 June 2011
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In June 2011, Jaeger-LeCoultre, the International Herald Tribune and UNESCO's World Heritage Centre agreed to renew their longstanding 'Tides of Time' partnership in support of the World Heritage Marine Programme until 2014.

The partnership began in 2008 as an international communication campaign in the online and print editions of the International Herald Tribune. Each year, eight marine World Heritage sites, and the conservation issues affecting them, are featured in the online and printed editions of the International Herald Tribune. Additionally, the partnership provides core funding to the World Heritage Marine Programme for its development and expansion.

Over the next three years, the partnership aims at highlighting the exceptional conservation work of local communities and site managers in marine World Heritage sites around the globe. The partnership will also aim at creating a "partners club" to further enhance the communication, outreach and support for the conservation of marine World Heritages sites. The overall goal of the partnership remains to help defend and protect outstanding marine places that require immediate intervention.

The partnership is now in its fourth year and so far 27 marine World Heritage sites have been covered by the International Herald Tribune. All of these articles are now available online in the 'Tides of Time Archive."