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Greenland Students visit UNESCO to learn about World Heritage, the Arctic and Climate Change

Friday, 20 March 2009
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18 students from Greenland visited the UNESCO World Heritage Centre on 16 March 2009 to learn more about World Heritage, the Arctic and climate change. They were briefed about the expert workshop on World Heritage and the Arctic (Narvik, Norway, 2007), received a copy of the proceedings (see: /) which were published in 2008 thanks to the generous support of the Prince Albert II Foundation of Monaco and the collaboration between the World Heritage Centre, the Nordic World Heritage Foundation and UNEP/Grid Arendal. They also learnt about the results of the recent International Expert Meeting UNESCO organized in Monaco from 3 to 6 March on "Climate Change and Arctic Sustainable Development: scientific, social, cultural and educational challenges". The experts at the meeting addressed the most severe gaps in knowledge and action with respect to the challenge that climate change poses for Arctic sustainable development, they joined forces to ensure a comprehensive, interdisciplinary and multi-actor approach to achieving sustainable development in the Arctic and worked towards a long-term approach to addressing sustainable development in the Arctic.