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Jet Tours and World Heritage Centre Implement Safeguarding Projects

Wednesday, 22 November 2006
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In an ongoing commitment to sustainable tourism, Jet tours will support two safeguarding projects scheduled for implementation early 2007. The projects are part of a joint endeavour through the World Heritage Centre-Jet Tours partnership to promote preservation and awareness through responsible tourism.

On 9 November 2006, the Centre's director, Francesco Bandarin, and the director-general of Jet tours, Laurence Berman, met to discuss the launching of these projects. Entering the second phase in the partnership, two World Heritage sites were chosen to benefit from Jet tours support: the Cliff of Bandiagara, Land of the Dogons, Mali and Angkor, Cambodia.

The Bandiagara project, starting in the beginning of 2007, will directly contribute to reinforcing site management, protecting the local ecosystem as well as building awareness among the local community and visitors. In Angkor, Cambodia, the project will concentrate primarily on conservation measures for preserving the Srah Srang basin.

Wednesday, 22 November 2006
access_time 1 min read
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