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Latin America and the Caribbean region national Focal Points meet for Periodic Reporting

Thursday, 2 December 2021 at 15:00
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Blue and John Crow Mountains (Jamaica) © R. Miller

The UNESCO World Heritage Centre, in collaboration with the UNESCO Field Offices in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), organised a regional online workshop on 2 December 2021, during which national Focal Points from the region participated to talk about the Third Cycle of Periodic Reporting.

Around 50 participants from 33 countries of the LAC region were trained in the technical aspects of the Periodic Reporting exercise. They received different presentations from the World Heritage Centre on the section I of the Periodic Reporting questionnaire (State Party-level) as well as its Section II (World Heritage property-level) in the completion of their Periodic Reports. During this 3-hours meeting, participants were also informed on the objectives of Periodic Reporting, the key dates of the process, and will take part into a workshop on how to complete and use the online questionnaire, as well as the tools and resources which have been made available in several languages including Spanish and Portuguese, besides English and French.

Periodic Reporting is one of the core conservation monitoring mechanisms of the World Heritage Convention. Every six years, the States Parties are invited to submit to the World Heritage Committee a Periodic Report on the application of the World Heritage Convention in their territory.

This meeting was a success: it gathered together almost all the national Focal Points from the LAC region and allow them to show their implications to the Periodic Reporting exercise in their region. More specifically, they asked to be included in all stages of the process and they garanted a clear communication between the World Heritage Sites Managers of their State Parties.