Following the official launch of the project “ Supporting capacity-building of World Heritage sites in East Africa (Comoros, Kenya, Madagascar, Somalia, United Republic of Tanzania)” supported by the Sultanate of Oman, the UNESCO World Heritage Centre (WHC) organized the first consultation meetings with concerned national institutions and partners of the five beneficiary countries, from 27 April to 8 June 2021.

The project and the timely support from UNESCO and the Sultanate of Oman has been welcomed by the beneficiary States Parties. The WHC presented general information (objectives, timeframe, key activities, etc.) of the project to national authorities and discussed the current situation of the countries to determine priorities in terms of governance, revision of the Tentative List, preparation of nomination dossiers and reinforcement of capacities. These consultation meetings allowed all stakeholders to have a better overview of the baseline and work together in view of developing the detailed workplans for the implementation of the project in each country.

The UNESCO WHC shared all detailed documents of the project to the five States Parties, and will organize follow-up meetings with each country to define the implementation workplan.