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World Heritage Volunteers 2019 – Call for Projects

Monday, 19 November 2018
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WHV Western Ghats, India © FSL-INDIA

The UNESCO World Heritage Centre is pleased to announce the Call for Projects for the World Heritage Volunteers (WHV) Campaign 2019. This Call welcomes the participation of all interested organizations and institutions.

“Empowering the Commitment
to World Heritage”

What is the WHV Initiative?

The WHV Initiative was launched in 2008 to encourage young people to undertake concrete actions and to play an active role in the protection, preservation and promotion of World Heritage sites. It consists of action camps organized by youth organizations or institutions in cooperation with multiple stakeholders and partners, which work all together for the state of conservation of World Heritage sites.

The initiative mobilizes national and international volunteers through hands-on and awareness-raising activities for the conservation of our common cultural and natural heritage.

In the framework of the UNESCO World Heritage Education Programme, the initiative is led by the UNESCO World Heritage Centre (WHC) in collaboration with the Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service (CCIVS), European Heritage Volunteers (as a branch of Open Houses) and Better World.

Please note that, in order to make the Initiative more sustainable and reinforce the commitment of the organizations, a two-year cycle process was put in place. This process provides the opportunity for all interested organizations to implement projects not only for a one-year cycle, but also for a two-year cycle. The current two-year cycle is from 2018-2019. The next two-year cycle will be 2020-2021.

Organizations that wish to get involved in the WHV Initiative can apply for a one-year project in 2019.

Organizations that already applied in 2018 for a two-year cycle 2018-2019, can confirm their commitment for 2019.

Join the Campaign

To empower our shared commitment to protect World Heritage, the World Heritage Centre encourages all youth organizations, NGOs, institutions, and public authorities, that wish to involve young people in World Heritage preservation through the implementation of action camps at World Heritage sites in 2019.

Please refer to the Call for Projects document for more information about the selection criteria, timeline and the two-year cycle process.

How to apply?

For organizations applying in 2019

Please submit your application
at the latest by
22 january 2019 at midnight (Paris Time)


If you have difficulties accessing the online form, please request it in Word version from the regional coordinator: secretariat@ccivs.org (for projects in Africa, Arab States and the Americas), or info@heritagevolunteers.eu (for projects in Europe) or whv@betterworld.asia (for projects in Asia), with a copy to the UNESCO World Heritage Centre (i.yousfi@unesco.org).

For organizations that applied in 2018
for a two-year cycle 2018-2019

In order to renew your commitment for 2019,
you will receive an email from the regional coordinator
with a pre-filled application form, to be completed and returned.

Call for Projects

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Monday, 19 November 2018
access_time 2 min read