Paris - The Thirteenth General Assembly of States Parties to the World Heritage Convention will take place this week at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris.

The bi-annual two-day meeting, which opens Tuesday, is an opportunity for all of the countries which have signed the Convention to take part in its governance.

In accordance with Rule 2 of the Rules of Procedure of the General Assembly, the representatives of UNESCO Member States not parties to the World Heritage Convention may participate in the work of the Assembly as observers, without the right to vote. Representatives of the United Nations and organisations of the United Nations system and other intergovernmental organisations which have concluded mutual representation agreements with UNESCO, as well as observers of intergovernmental and international non- governmental organisations invited by the Director-General, may also participate in the work of the Assembly, without the right to vote.

Participants should be registered at the 31th session of the UNESCO General Conference and should wear their badges throughout the meeting.

During the session of 31 October, the delegates representing the States Parties will elect eight new Committee members.

Provisional list of States Parties candidates for the World Heritage Committee (as of 29 October 2001): Argentina, Armenia, Cuba, Czech Republic, Ethiopia, Georgia, Guinea, India, Israel, Lebanon, Nigeria, Oman, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, St Lucia, Tanzania, Togo, Turkey, United Kingdom, Uzbekistan

(Note: the outgoing States are: Australia, Benin, Canada, Cuba, Ecuador, Italy, Malta, Morocco)