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Rio de Janeiro: Carioca Landscapes between the Mountain and the Sea

Multiple Locations (4)
ID Name & Location State Party Coordinates Property Buffer Zone
1100rev-001 Tijuca Forest, Pretos Forros and Covanca – Tijuca National Park Brazil S22 56 52.00
W43 17 29.00
1,982.58 ha 2,155.345 ha
1100rev-002 Pedra Bonita and Pedra da Gávea - Tijuca National Park Brazil S22 59 52.00
W43 17 13.00
257.89 ha 2,155.345 ha
1100rev-003 Carioca Mountaion range - Tijuca National Park and Botanic Gardens Brazil S22 57 14.00
W43 14 50.00
1,823.97 ha 2,155.345 ha
1100rev-004 Mouth of Guanabara Bay and Manmade Shorelines – Flamengo Park, Historic Forts of Niterói, Sugar Loaf Natural Monument Copacabana Seafront Brazil S22 56 56.00
W43 9 7.00
3,184.34 ha 2,155.345 ha

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