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Nomination File (non exclusive cession of rights: yes, non commercial)


Format for the nomination of properties for inscription on the World Heritage List - Annex5
Operational Guidelines

States Parties are encouraged to grant to UNESCO, in written form and free of charge, the non exclusive cession of rights to diffuse, to communicate to the public, to publish, to reproduce, to exploit, in any form and on any support, including digital, all or part of the images provided and license these rights to third parties.

The non exclusive cession of rights does not impinge upon intellectual property rights (rights of the photographer / director of the video or copyright owner if different) and that when the images are distributed by UNESCO a credit to the photographer / director of the video is always given, if clearly provided in the form.

All possible profits deriving from such cession of rights will go to the World Heritage Fund.

Attribution (BY) :
Re-users must attribute the work to the copyright holder when they use it.
NonCommercial (NC) :
The work can only be used for non-commercial purposes.
NoDerivatives (ND) :
Re-users are not allowed to distribute derivatives of the work. Essentially the work cannot be modified.
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