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N°: 654

One-month on-site training activity for 5 architectural students in inventory and documentation of architectural structures, Sans Souci, Ramiers

State Party
4,100 USD
Approved amount
9 Jul 1994
Decision Date
Process Step
Amount Requested: 4,100 USD
Type of Assistance: Cultural / Conservation
Modality: Training
Previous Id: 1994-032
Post Conflict: Yes
World Bank: LIC
LDC: Yes
SIDs: Yes
N°: 654
Decision: Approved
Decision by: Bureau
Approved amount: 4,100 USD
Decision Date: 9 Jul 1994

Committee Decisions

Code: 18BUR IX2.B.2

Argentina - US$20,000: for a series of seminars which will be held at different sites in Argentina and on different subject matters:

1) Posadas, 5-8 September 1994: Safeguarding the Jesuit Missions

2) Mar del Plata, 30-31 August 1994: Tourism and cultural heritage.

3) Salta, 5-8 September 1994: Preservation of historic centres.

4) Cordoba, 5-8 September 1994: Interventions in the archaeological heritage.

5) Buenos Aires, 5-8 September 1994: Recycling versus restoration.

6) Trelew-Chubut, 5-8 September 1994: Natural heritage, its relevance in the development process.

Brazil (Historic Town of Ouro Preto) - US$19,250: to organize a training seminar for site managers of Historical Cities (8 from Brazil and 7 form other Latin American countries).

China (National training course on "Conservation of Timber Buildings") - US$30,000: for a two-week training course, with the objectives to improve trainees' theoretical and technical knowledge in restoration work and to introduce new methodology of intervention and to promote the development of conservation and restoration of ancient building structures to the public at large.

Germany - Training course "Conservation and management of the World Heritage sites" (Palaces and Parks of Potsdam) - US$20,000: to cover the travel costs of participants from Central and East Europe.

Haiti (National History Park - Citadelle, Sans Souci, Ramiers) - US$4,100: to organize a one-month on-site training workshop for 5 architectural students. Technical expertise will be provided by ISPAN for training in inventory and documentation of architectural structures as well as for the preparation of state of conservation reports.

Given the international embargo and the socio-economic situation, the UNDP Resident Representative in Haiti is requested to cooperate in the implementation and supervision of this assistance.

Italy (International training course on "Information, documentation and use of UNESCO publications regarding cultural and natural World Heritage) - US$20,000: a one-week training course for 20 participants from 15 countries from Eastern Europe and 5 countries from Africa.

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