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N°: 559

Purchase of a computer and photographic equipment for the restoration of murals at Studenica Monastery

State Party
51,000 USD
Approved amount
12 Dec 1990
Decision Date
Process Step
Amount Requested: 51,000 USD
Type of Assistance: Cultural / Conservation
Modality: Technical Cooperation
Previous Id: 1991-043
World Bank: UMC
N°: 559
Decision: Approved
Decision by: Committee
Approved amount: 51,000 USD
Decision Date: 12 Dec 1990

Committee Decisions

Code: 14COM XIIA

46. The Committee examined the document prepared by the Secretariat in this regard and congratulated the Secretariat on its clear presentation of the requests submitted. Considering the Bureau's recommendations, the Committee decided to approve the following requests:



1.  Ngorongoro Conservation Area (United Republic of Tanzania) US$49,782
Purchase of a Land Rover and radio equipment for the archaeological and paleontological site of Olduvai.

2.  Studenica Monastery (Yugoslavia) US$51,000
Purchase of computer and photographic equipment and equipment for the restoration of murals. With respect to this site, the Committee has noted with satisfaction the assurances provided by the Yugoslavian authorities that there will be no dam construction near the monastery which could jeopardize the outstanding value of this site.

3.  Archaeological site of Delphi (Greece) US$50,000
Purchase of a sandblaster and seven dehumidifiers for the restoration of objects from the site which have been placed in the Delphi museum. The Committee examined the possibility of acceding to requests concerning the conservation of objects from archaeological sites, and it asked the Secretariat to draw up a draft decision on this issue for inclusion in the Operational Guidelines, to ensure that the fund allocation limits for objects from archaeological sites protected by the World Heritage Convention are clearly defined. This draft decision is to be presented to the Bureau and Committee at their next sessions.

4.  Timbuktu (Mali) US$45,138
Consolidation of the Djingareiber mosque and improvement of terrace rainwater drainage systems. Removal of sand from the walls and interior court of the Sankore mosque, and installation of bollards to divert traffic away from the mosque.

5.  International symposium on the "Preservation of Urban Historic Areas in Changing Times" (Canada) US$26,000
Publication of the proceedings of the symposium.


1. La Amistad National Park (Panama) US$50,000
As part of the described management plan, financing of the construction of three guard posts; purchase of field equipment and materials for environmental education activities; organization of training seminars for park guards.

2. Salonga National Park (Zaire) US$60,000
Reinforcement  of park protection through infrastructure construction (ranger posts, jetty) and purchase of an all-terrain vehicle and small­scale equipment.

3. Talamanca Range-La Amistad National Park (Costa Rica) US$50,000
The Committee approved this request under two conditions: that the Costa Rican authorities report on the completion of the previous projects and that the boundaries of this property be revised in accordance with IUCN recommendations. The Committee instructed the Bureau to determine at its next session whether these conditions had been met before deciding whether to award an appropriate amount to Costa Rica.

47. With respect to Banc d'Arguin National Park (Mauritania), the Committee noted that a request for technical cooperation had been submitted to the Secretariat but that this request needed to be reformulated. The Committee encouraged the Mauritanian authorities to prepare and submit a new request for consideration at its next session.

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Code: 14BUR V47

47. The Bureau recommended that the Committee approve a request for technical assistance submitted by Yugoslavia for the purchase of computer and photographic equipment and equipment for the restoration of the mural paintings of the Monastery of Studenica, at a total cost of US$51,000.

Concerning that same site, the Bureau asked the Yugoslav authorities to give it their formal assurance that the project to build a dam near the monastery had been abandoned.

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Code: 13COM XIII38-39.C

38. The Committee noted that the Bureau had examined in detail the requests for international assistance presented in document SC-89/CONF.004/7. The Committee also took into consideration that the Bureau had incorporated additional information received by the Secretariat since the preparation of this document into its evaluations.

39. In accordance with the procedures for granting international assistance set out in the Operational Guidelines adopted by the Committee in December 1988, the Committee approved the following requests:

C. The Committee deferred the following requests for technical cooperation and requested that the State Parties revise their proposals providing additional information:

1. Ngorongoro Conservation Area (Tanzania)

2. Studenica Monastery (Yugoslavia)


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