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N°: 2091

Workshop seminar at Moenjodaro on the conservation of this cultural property

State Party
20,000 USD
Approved amount
17 Dec 1982
Decision Date
Process Step
Amount Requested: 0 USD
Type of Assistance: Cultural / Conservation
Modality: Training
World Bank: LIC
N°: 2091
Decision: Approved
Decision by: Committee
Approved amount: 20,000 USD
Decision Date: 17 Dec 1982

Committee Decisions

Code: 06COM XIII.44

The Committee approved the following requests for training:

  • Honduras - Maya Site of Copan: $28,950
  • Pakistan - Archaeological ruins of Moenjodaro: $20,000

Sub-total for training requests in the field of cultural heritage conservation: $48,950

  • Honduras - Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve: $,4975
  • Tanzania - College of African Wildlife Management (Regional training centre): $45,000

Sub-total for training requests in the field of natural heritage conservation: $49,975

TOTAL of requests in the fields of cultural and natural heritage conservation: $94,925

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