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N°: 2032

Joint mission to prepare a technical cooperation request for Simien National Park and advise on the nominations of Bale Mountain and Abijatta-Shalla Lakes

State Party
11,060 USD
Approved amount
31 Dec 1979
Decision Date
Process Step
Amount Requested: 11,060 USD
Type of Assistance: Natural / preparatory
World Bank: LIC
LDC: Yes
N°: 2032
Decision: Approved
Decision by: Chairperson
Approved amount: 11,060 USD
Decision Date: 31 Dec 1979

Committee Decisions

Code: 02BUR V.27

The Ethiopian Government has requested the services of two experts (36 m/m) and equipment for two natural sites in order to systematically investigate these parks and to consider the possibility of reinstalling elsewhere the population living here. The Bureau decided to defer its decision until the nominations to the World Heritage List, which had been received too late, could be examined.

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