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N°: 1729

Workshop on History, Slavery, Religion, Culture in Ghana linked with conservation and protection of the World Heritage in Ghana.

State Party
Not approved
by: Committee 6 Jul 2004
Process Step
Amount Requested: 35,000 USD
Type of Assistance: Cultural / Conservation
Modality: Training
Previous Id: 2004-1162
World Bank: LIC
N°: 1729
Decision: Not approved
Decision by: Committee
Decision Date: 6 Jul 2004

Committee Decisions

Code: 28COM 10A.2

The World Heritage Committee,

1. Noting the Bureau's recommendations 28 BUR 8.4 and 28 BUR 8.5,

2. Does not approve the request presented by Ghana: "Workshop on History, Slavery, Religion, and Culture in Ghana, linked with conservation and protection of the World Heritage";

3. Approves the request presented by Sudan: "Conservation of the mural painting of Gebel Barkal and the properties of the Napatan Region" for an amount of US$ 38,900;

4. Approves also the request presented by Botswana: "International Training Workshop for decision-makers on the World Heritage from Eastern and Southern Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands", for an amount of US$ 48,645, of which US$ 15,329 from the cultural heritage and US$ 33,316 from the natural heritage budget for training assistance;

5. Recommends to the State Party of Botswana, in the implementation of the above activity and in close consultation with the World Heritage Centre and the  concerned Advisory Bodies, to give adequate consideration to natural heritage values and to adopt a methodology, which takes into consideration the concepts emerging from the current revision of the Operational Guidelines and the approaches to sustaining Outstanding Universal Value on World Heritage properties, which could lead to a much wider relevance and application.

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