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Capacity-building sessions on the 2022 UNESCO Member States Survey on the implementation of the Recommendation on the Historic Urban Landscape

Wednesday 21 Sep 2022
Wednesday 02 Nov 2022
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In the context of the 2022 UNESCO Member States Survey on the implementation of the Recommendation on the Historic Urban Landscape (HUL), the Secretariat for the HUL Recommendation organised a capacity-building programme to support designated focal points in responding to the survey. 

Training and drafting sessions were organised separately for respondents of Section A (National level) and Section B (city-level). Participants were welcomed to join any of the sessions, including those outside of their region. A total of 165 participants took part of one of the support sessions.  The workshops exposed the focal points in participant countries and cities to the main principles of the 2011 HUL Recommendation and introduced several resources for further capacity development, such as World Heritage Canopy and the World Heritage City Labs.   

  • Drafting sessions took participants in detail through the survey questions one by one, addressing individual doubts on the specific questions. They were organised by section (A or B) and language (English, French and Spanish).  
  • Informal drop-in sessions took place weekly. Participants joined with their questions and doubts on the survey process. Registration was not required. Working languages were English, French, Spanish and Arabic.  
  • "Last minute questions" sessions were organised on the last days of submissions. These assisted participants who need an extra hand in the finalisation and submission of the questionnaires and address any technical issues.  

Support was also available through the email address Heritage4Cities@unesco.org. The Secretariat received 359 email communications and 163 requests for assistance from Member States and focal points. 177 emails were exchanged with UNESCO Field Offices in all global regions. The participants emphasised the importance of peer learning and conducting comparisons across national and local level challenges and case studies to preserve historic urban areas.

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Wednesday, 21 September 2022
Wednesday, 2 November 2022

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