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Florence Conference for The Next 50

1 January 2023
Historic Centre of Florence (Italy) © Shutterstock / Mikadun

The Next 50 culminates in Florence, Italy, with a major conference dedicated to the anniversary. The event is to take place in 2023.

The Next 50 Conference methodically takes stock of the year-long reflections on the five priority areas. Possible modalities include thematic meetings, panel discussions and presentations.

The list of invitees mirrors the interdisciplinary spirit of The Next 50, ranging from Ministerial, high-level guests to experts and specialists. Some of the 50 Minds may also be invited to Florence to share findings and renew their commitments.

The global stage serves to amplify the intellectual discussions undertaken in 2022 and bring innovative ideas to the decision makers.

The Conference is made possible by the generous contribution of the Government of Italy as well as the City of Florence, which celebrates the 40th anniversary of its inscription on the World Heritage List.

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Sunday, 1 January 2023

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Florence, Italy