On 27 November 2021, Tsinghua University’s School of Architecture will host the “Asian Cultural Heritage Initiative: International Symposium on the Conservation and Management of Historic Cities and Towns along the Silk Roads” in Beijing, China.

This hybrid online/presential symposium is organised by the UNESCO Chair on Heritage Conservation Planning and Sustainable Social Development at Tsinghua University (2019) and supported by the UNESCO World Heritage Centre.

Historic cities and towns along the Silk Roads are numerous and varied, and their conservation and management have become the focus of worldwide research. Countries along the Silk Roads have formed close cultural, economic and social ties over millennia, highlighting the role of the Silk Roads for the history of humanity. As part of the Asian Cultural Heritage Initiative, this symposium will focus on the conservation and management of historic cities along the Silk Roads.

Leading experts and scholars from America, China, France, Kyrgyzstan, Tanzania and Uzbekistan, amongst others, will have an opportunity to discuss the role and preservation of this exceptional heritage. They will discuss a wide variety of themes, including the nomination and management of World Heritage sites, especially serial transnational properties, urban systems and land/sea linkages, trade links and intercultural exchange, the development of management plans, and the application of the 2011 UNESCO Recommendation on the Historic Urban Landscape, which is celebrating its 10th Anniversary this year.

Participants can register online for free, on a first come first served basis until capacity is reached, at https://www.wjx.cn/vj/w0tdQUw.aspx. Simultaneous interpretation will be available.