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7. The Committee adopted the agenda that had been proposed to it, deciding to examine, under Other Business, the possibility of authorizing the Bureau to approve the report of the Committee before it is presented to the next General Conference of Unesco.
8. Ms. Christina S. Cameron (Canada) was elected Chairperson of the Committee by acclamation. Ms. Vlad-Borrelli (Italy) was elected as the Rapporteur, and the following members of the Committee were elected Vice-Chairpersons: Bulgaria, Mexico, Senegal, Thailand and Tunisia.
15. The Committee examined nineteen nominations. It decided to inscribe seventeen properties on the World Heritage List and one property on the List of World Heritage in Danger, and to defer the examination of one property. Moreover, after review of the respective proposals, the Committee decided to extend one listed property and to modify the boundaries of two other properties already inscribed on the List.
16. Germany informed the Committee of its decision to withdraw Wörlitz, Quedlinburg, Magdeburg and Dresden from nomination to the World Heritage List.
17. The following nominations were not considered by the Committee because of the Bureau's decision to defer their examination: El Vizcaino (Mexico), Vilnius and Old Nissa (USSR).
Palaces and parks of Potsdam and Berlin 532 Germany  C(i)(ii)(iv) The Committee noted with satisfaction that the additional nomination, including the Palaces and Parks of Berlin-Zehlendorf (Glienecke and Pfaueninsel), adds to the coherence of the initial nomination of the Palaces and Gardens of Potsdam-Sanssouci. The Committee pointed out to the German authorities that it would be advisable to include the Sacrow Church and its park in the protected area.
Tsingy de Bemaraha Strict Nature Reserve 494Rev Madagascar N(iii)(iv)  The Committee noted with satisfaction that a site management and protection plan had just been developed and that it would be implemented by Unesco with funds in trust provided by Germany.
Te Wahipounamu - South West New Zealand 551 New Zealand N(i) (ii) (iii) (iv) The Committee noted that this property would henceforth encompass two properties already inscribed on the World Heritage List: Westland/Mount Cook National Park and Fiordland National Park.
Tongariro National Park 421Rev New Zealand N(ii)(iii) The Committee congratulated the New Zealand authorities for having improved the management and protection of this site, particularly by limiting tourism developments and taking greater account of the cultural values of Tongariro.
La Amistad  552 Panama N(ii)(iv) The Committee asked the Secretariat to invite the Panamanian and Costa Rican authorities to propose the inclusion of this property and the Costa Rican property already inscribed on the List as a single site - Talamanca Range/La Amistad - and to work together on the joint management of this property.
Rio Abiseo National Park 548 Peru N(ii)(iii)(iv) The Committee noted that this site also had cultural values and that additional information would be provided by the State Party in this respect.
Historic Centre of Leningrad and related groups of monuments 540 USSR C (i) (ii) (iv) (vi) The Committee recommended strongly that the responsible authorities reinforce control over the development of polluting industries and ensure a better balance between industrial areas and listed areas. It also recommended that particular care be exercised as to the possible establishment of new tourism infrastructures, especially hotel facilities.
Itchan Kala 543 USSR C(iii)(iv)(v) The Committee recommended that the authorities concerned safeguard a broad buffer zone corresponding to the area of Dichan-Kala and apply very strict urban standards to the north of Itchan Kala, in the area corresponding to the new urban centre of Khiva, where buildings of excessive height have already been constructed. The Committee also recommended that the authorities concerned ensure that the city of Itchan Kala continue to be inhabited by its traditional ...
Sites: Itchan Kala
Khizi Pogost 544 USSR C(i)(iv)(v) The Committee recommended that the authorities concerned maintain the present balance between the natural and built environment, since the introduction of new homes or wooden churches south of Kizhi Island alters the historical and visual characteristics of the site. The Committee congratulated the authorities concerned on the recent adoption of a conservation policy that is more in harmony with local traditions and expertise.
Sites: Kizhi Pogost
Kremlin and Red Square, Moscow 545 USSR C(i) (ii) (iv) (vi) The Committee recommended that the authorities concerned observe the present configuration of the site, particularly the balance between the monuments and non-built areas.