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Resolution 16 GA 5
Recommendations of the management audit of the World Heritage Centre

The General Assembly,

  1. Having examined Document WHC-07/16.GA/5,
  2. Taking note of Decision 31 COM 19, adopted at the 31st session of the World Heritage Committee (Christchurch, 2007),
  3. Takes note of the results-based Action Plan to implement the main recommendations of the Management Audit of the World Heritage Centre;
  4. Welcomes the proposals of the Director-General of UNESCO to improve the administrative flexibility of the World Heritage Centre, clarify its organizational structure, and create posts, on an experimental basis, by combining multiple sources of financing;
  5. Requests the Director-General to prepare, for consideration at the 32nd session of the World Heritage Committee, an assessment, including a risk analysis, about the potential impact of the proposals to use the World Heritage Fund as a guarantee for the creation or abolition of permanent posts;
  6. Urges the Director-General to pursue the implementation of this Action Plan and other recommendations of the Management Audit; and taking into account its analysis by IOS;
  7. Requests that the World Heritage Committee be kept informed about the implementation of the Action Plan and that a progress report be submitted to the 17th session of the General Assembly in 2009.
Context of Resolution