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Decision 18 EXT.BUR V.B.2.1
Examination of requests for International Assistance - Cultural Heritage - Requests for which the Bureau formulated a recommendation to the Committee - Technical cooperation

1. Old City of Dubrovnik (Croatia) - US$50,000

The Bureau recommended the approval of the full requested amount of US50,000 for, inter alia, the purchase of equipment for the documentation centre; expertise for the development of a tourism development plan; promotional and educational material and activities on World Heritage in Dubrovnik.

2. Wielizska Salt Mine (Poland) - US$100,000

The Bureau recommended, after considerable debate, the approval by the Committee of this request for US$100,000 to purchase the dehumidifying equipment required for the preservation of the salt sculptures of this World Heritage Site in Danger.

3. Kathmandu Valley (Nepal) - US$52,000

The Bureau recommended approval by the Committee of the requested US$52,000 for the deployment of a UNESCO international technical advisor for 6 months in view of the serious and urgent need for strengthen measures to redress the present state of conservation of the Kathmandu Valley.

4. The Complex of the Hue Monuments (Vietnam) (Upgrading of the Hue Conservation Laboratory) - US$108,000

The Bureau recommended the approval of the amount of US$108,000 to meet the cost of laboratory equipment purchase (US$72,700) and related short-term training to enable the Hue authorities to have the basic facilities to overcome the present obstacles to conservation. The World Heritage Centre should, however, be consulted on the list of equipment, and approve the detailed specification and cost estimate, as well as the selection of the international experts.

5. Historic Areas of Istanbul (Turkey) (Restoration of the mosaics of Hagia-Sophia) - US$80,000

The Bureau recommended approval by the Committee of an amount of US$80,000 to complete the final phase of this restoration project.