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Decision 20 COM VII.D.53/54
SOC: City of Cusco (Peru)

VII. 53 City of Cusco (Peru)

At its twentieth session in June 1996, the Bureau took note of information provided by the Secretariat regarding projects in the historical City of Cusco that could have a negative impact on the World Heritage values of the site. It invited the authorities to establish appropriate planning mechanisms for the historical City of Cusco.

The Secretariat informed the Committee that no substantive reply had been received to the concerns expressed by the Bureau. However, the Peruvian authorities had submitted a request for technical cooperation. The Secretariat informed the Committee that the request provided information on the deficient management arrangements in Cusco and the lack of a master plan for the City. The assistance would provide advice on the creation of a Commission for the Historical City of Cusco, which would oversee the urban development planning and construction and restoration projects, as well as advice on the preparation of a master plan. The Committee urged again the authorities to establish appropriate planning mechanisms for the historical City of Cusco. It decided that the request for technical cooperation submitted by the Government of Peru will be approved upon receipt, by 15 April 1997, of a state of conservation report as requested by the Bureau at its twentieth session.

Decision Code
20 COM VII.D.53/54
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1996 City of Cuzco
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