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Decision 31 COM 7B.91
Westminster Palace, Westminster Abbey and Saint Margaret’s Church (United Kingdom)

The World Heritage Committee,

1.        Having examined  Document WHC-07/31.COM/7B,

2.        Recalling Decision 30 COM 7B.74, adopted at its 30th session (Vilnius, 2006),

3.        Expresses its appreciation for the actions taken by the State Party in response to the Committee’s earlier requests, and takes note that a London View Management Framework will come into effect on 13 July 2007, while recognizing that the visual impact study requested by the Committee has not yet been finalized;

4.        Encourages the State Party to adopt the policies set out in the Heritage Protection White Paper and urges the State Party to vigorously apply the concept of clustering of tall buildings so that they do not impact adversely on the Outstanding Universal Value of London World Heritage sites and by updating the site boundaries and buffer zones ;

5.        Requests the State Party to prepare and present to the World Heritage Committee a dynamic visual impact study for the World Heritage property in order to facilitate thorough and rapid assessment of future planning applications;

6.        Also urges the State Party to review and adjust three proposed development schemes on the South Bank of the River Thames so as to ensure the visual integrity of the World Heritage property;

7.        Acknowledges that the State Party has finalized the Management Plan for the Westminster World Heritage property;

8.        Requests, given the recent submission of the Management Plan and of the London View Management Framework, that the World Heritage Centre and ICOMOS review these documents to assess their effectiveness in ensuring the proper protection of the site’s settings and vistas and report to the Committee at its 32nd session;

9.        Takes note that the State Party has demonstrated its commitment to comply with the requests of the Committee (Decision 30 COM 7B.74) to protect the World Heritage property and its setting and related vistas;

10.      Also requests the State Party to submit a progress report to the World Heritage Centre by 1 February 2008 for consideration by the World Heritage Committee at its 32nd session in 2008.

Decisions adopted at the 31st Session of the World Heritage Committee (Christchurch, 2007)
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