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Decision 28 COM 15B.49
28 COM 15B.49

The World Heritage Committee,

1. Urges the State Party to redefine, within two years, the exact boundaries of the World Heritage property, as well as the necessary buffer zones, based on an up-dated topographic map of the site at the appropriate scale documenting the archaeological evidence, but also the existing infrastructure and recent constructions surrounding the property;

2. Requests the State Party to ensure, through the appropriate legal and planning instruments, including a Management Plan and coordination of archaeological interventions on the site, and in close consultation with the responsible local authorities, the adequate protection of the property in the light of the newly designated boundaries of the World Heritage property, and that, to the extent possible, fences be installed along these boundaries and sufficient staff be appointed to ensure their guard;

3. Further requests the State Party to conduct, possibly in co-operation with the foreign scientific missions working on the property, a comprehensive and prioritised survey of the state of conservation of the property and to develop appropriate solutions for the various types of deterioration processes, including preventive conservation measures such as temporary shelters and re-burial of exposed archaeological remains;

4. Encourages the State Party to reassess its policy concerning archaeological excavations and major restoration works on the property to direct all available resources towards the strengthening of the capacity of the technical staff of the Department of Antiquities, both in terms of skills and the necessary equipment and financial means, in the documentation, regular maintenance and monitoring of the property;

5. Further encourages the State Party to submit an international assistance request under the World Heritage Fund to support the implementation of the aboverecommendations

6. Requests the State Party to submit to the World Heritage Committee, by 1 February 2006, a report on the implementation of the above recommendations, for examination by the Committee at its 30th session in 2006.

Decision Code
28 COM 15B.49
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