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Central Africa Forests Commission

Align with the principles expressed by the States Parties in the Yaoundé Declaration March 1999, The Central Africa Forests Commission (COMIFAC) is the only authority in term of political, technical orientation, coordination, harmonization and decision making regarding the conservation and sustainable management of the Central Africa forests ecosystem and savannas. 

COMIFAC has elaborated and adopted, in February 2005, a Convergence Plan to improve the preservation and management of the Central Africa forests.

The programme  CAWHFI comes together with the Convergence Plan, with the aim of strengthening the preservation and management of the forest ecosystems in the Congo Basin.

The Convergence Plan is founded on ten strategic axis:

  1. Harmonization of fiscal and forestry regulation
  2. Resources knowledge
  3. Ecosystems management
  4. Biodiversity preservation
  5. Sustainable valorization of forest resources
  6. Development of activities in order to reduce poverty
  7. Strengthening capabilities and participation through information and education
  8. Research-development
  9. Financing tools development
  10. Regional cooperation and partnerships
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