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Interpretation of Sites of Memory

Following the UNESCO World Heritage Committee’s decision 39 COM 8B.14 and the recommendation of the International Conference on World Heritage Interpretation held in November 2016, the UNESCO World Heritage Centre, through a grant made by the Republic of Korea to the World Heritage Fund , has commissioned the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience (ICSC) to coordinate the preparation of this study on Interpretation of Sites of Memory.

International Coalition of Sites of Conscience
Interpretation of Sites of Memory
January 31 - 2018

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The Terms of Reference for the study set by the World Heritage Centre are:

1) Review existing theories and models of heritage interpretation and how to develop effective methods of heritage interpretation for future generations to assist States Parties and the World Heritage Committee in their deliberations;

2) Clarify the extent and ways in which inscription on the World Heritage List may affect the interpretation of cultural sites for present and future generations;

3) Shed light on the potential challenges and opportunities in the interpretation of sensitive cultural sites related to memory for visitors and the public at large, including the necessity of dealing, in some instances, with conflicting views of the values of a site;

4) Set out the ethical considerations on the interpretation and presentation of cultural sites of memory, given the varied range of approaches available;

5) Explain that the issue of interpretation is relevant not only for World Heritage properties, but also for any significant cultural site;

6) Focus on best practice of interpretation at Sites of Memory.

Study commissioned by the World Heritage Centre of UNESCO and funded by the Republic of Korea

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Date Start: Wednesday, 31 January 2018
Date end: Wednesday, 31 January 2018