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Providing a platform for youth’s participation in World Heritage conservation

The World Heritage Youth Forum is a flagship activity carried out under the World Heritage Education Programme since 1995. The forum serves as a platform by bringing young people, educators and heritage experts together to foster intercultural learning and exchange. It also provides an opportunity for youth to meet and learn about each other’s heritage; discuss common concerns in preservation and discover new roles for themselves in heritage conservation.

Until now, over 40 national and regional Youth Forums have been held around the world.

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Budget Proposed
US$ 100,000-150,000
(depending on the scale and the location)

9 months



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How can we rethink heritage? How can the conservation, promotion and transmission of heritage be adapted to the challenges of the future? Urbanisation, climate change, global inequality, – much work lies before us. The most important actor in this debate is our global youth, the ones who will drive the change that is only starting now.

The World Heritage Youth Fora provides an opportunity to get youth involved in World Heritage protection and preservation. They also serve as a catalyst and spark inspiration to develop World Heritage educational and participatory activities on a regional, as well as on international level.

Different activities are carried out during the Youth Fora : including but not limited to, inputs from experts and heritage specialists to deepen knowledge on the World Heritage Convention and the challenges of its implementation; hands-on activities that provides some basic skills on heritage conservation, preservation and promotion; workshops and group discussions; World Heritage site visits; presentations by the participants on heritage related issues in their own countries;  a Youth Model of the World Heritage Committee as an educational simulation of the World Heritage Committee; and written declarations prepared by the participants on the topics of the World Heritage Youth Fora.


  1. Promote awareness among young people of the importance of World Heritage and of the World Heritage Convention, in order to obtain a sense of ownership and future stewardship for the sustainable management of World Heritage Sites
  2. Encourage the active participation of youth, make the youth voice heard on how they could be involved and contribute to World Heritage and its conservation.

& Beneficiaries

  1. Increased number of youth engaged, not only as beneficiaries of actions, but also as fully-fledged actors, partners and advocates.
  2. More actions and measures undertaken by youth to invest in the conservation and promotion of World Heritage


If funds are available, the following timeline for the planning and implementation, can be envisaged:

  • Month 1 to Month 3: Drafting of project document, programme and budgeting
  • Month 4 to Month 6: Call for participants, concrete planning of workshops
  • Month 7 to Month 8: Logistic arrangements and information dispatch
  • Month 9: Organisation of Youth Forum and follow-up and evaluations


UNESCO is committed to empowering youth and ensuring that their voices are heard. The Organization is guided in this by an Operational Strategy on Youth (2014-2021). Through this project, we are encouraging the active participation of youth, and the integration of youth concerns and issues into the awareness-raising activities carried out under the World Heritage Education Programme.


An estimated overall extrabudgetary funding of USD 100,000-150,000 (depending on the scale and the location) is needed for the implementation of this activity. These funds will cover the transportation and accommodation of 25-30 participants, venue and facilities, documentation and outreach promotion, as well as monitoring and coordination costs.


A communication & visibility plan will be developed in consultation with the donor(s) and will include (but not limited to) the options below:

Visibility material

Placement / Event



Article on the Homepage


WHC website: whc.unesco.org


Statistics for 2016: 13.340.000

unique visitors

41.650.000 pageviews

Reports to the World Heritage Committee


42nd and/or 43rd World Heritage Committee session (June/July 2018 or 2019)


Statistics for 2016: 13.340.000

unique visitors

41.650.000 pageviews

Social media promotion


UNESCO official social media channel, including Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Wechat, Weibo etc.


Approx. 30.000 targeted subscribers


For all contact, please also copy to wh-marketplace@unesco.org

Petya Totcharova
Policy and Statutory Meetings Unit
World Heritage Centre      

Sonia Zerroualy
Project Officer
Policy and Statutory Meetings Unit
World Heritage Centre

Strategic objectives
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Duration: 9 months