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Shirakami Mountains Workcamp: preserving the natural beauty (Japan)

Ajigawa-town, Aomori, Shirakami, Japan

Du 20 au 29 juin 2008



The Shirakami Mountains is one of Japanese valuable preserved natural forest consisting primarily of beech trees. Inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1993, the Shirakami Mountains Preservation Society (SMPS) wants to help preserving the natural beauty of the Shirakami Mountains, so we will try to revive it by the global voluntary power! We will help to grow a beechen sapling together with the members of SMPS.



- to preserve the World Heritage area trough planting over 500 baby trees in the Shirakami mountain

- to hold a workshop about World Heritage

- to involve 100 locals

- to involve visitors


Organisation responsible for the project

NICE (Never-ending International Work Camps Exchange)


Local partners

Shirakami Mountains Preservation Society (SMPS)