Multiple Locations (18)
ID Name & Location State Party Coordinates Property Buffer Zone
139-001 Khanpur Cave Pakistan
139-002 Saraikala, prehistoric mound Pakistan
139-003 Bhir Mound Pakistan
139-004 Sirkap (fortified city) Pakistan
139-005 Sirsukh (fortified ruined city) Pakistan
139-006 Dharmarajika stupa and monastery Pakistan
139-007 Khader Mohra (Akhuri) Pakistan
139-008 Kalawan group of buildings Pakistan
139-009 Giri complex of monuments Pakistan
139-010 Kunala stupa and monastery Pakistan
139-011 Jandial complex Pakistan
139-012 Lalchak and Badalpur Buddhist stuppa Pakistan
139-013 Mohra Moradu stupa and monastery Pakistan
139-014 Pippala stupa and monastery Pakistan
139-015 Jaulian stupa and monastery Pakistan
139-016 Lalchak mounds Pakistan
139-017 Buddhist remains around Bhallar stupa Pakistan
139-018 Giri Mosque and tombs Pakistan
Date Title
1979 Map of Taxila

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