Decision : CONF 201 XIV.1-5
Implementation of the Convention in Light of Twenty-Five Years' Practice

XIV.1 The Secretariat presented Document WHC-96/CONF.201/15, "The implementation of the Convention in light of twenty-five years' practice" which was divided into three sections. Section I provided a review of the "Strategic Orientations for the Future" including a synopsis of achievements in meeting the five goals established by the sixteenth session of the Committee in 1992. Section II provided the highlights of the States Parties' replies to the 25th Anniversary Circular Letter as of 23 October 1996. Section III proposed a meeting of experts to thoroughly review the implementation of the Convention and to draft a strategic plan for future implementation.

XIV.2 The German Delegation drew the Committee's attention to an exhibition on World Cultural Heritage at the "World Fair Expo 2000" and to a seminar being planned with Centre involvement, which will be held in Hildesheim on the occasion of the 25th anniversary. The Committee expressed interest and support for this effort.

XIV.3 The Delegate of Italy noted that the proposed US$ 40,000 for the scientific and technical meeting of experts had not been accepted during the Committee's earlier budget considerations. In the further discussion on the proposed experts' meeting, the Committee reflected a general concern for experts' meetings being held without political decision-makers participating. Several delegates indicated that such meetings should not always be confined to the same experts from the Advisory Bodies as in the past, and, to the extent possible, should be broadened to include participants from the proposed states Parties' "lists of experts" which was proposed by the Delegate of Italy. This proposal was strongly supported by other delegations during preliminary budget considerations. Several delegations noted that they had unfortunate experiences with repeated use of the same experts. They also noted that there was the need for an open selection process for experts to avoid repeating past mistakes.

XIV.4 The Observer of Hungary indicated that, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary, they would propose to host a subregional World Heritage Workshop. The Delegate of the United States indicated that it could provide space at the Presidium of San Francisco if anyone wished to hold a workshop there. In addition, the United States is considering a World Heritage Workshop for World Heritage Site Managers. In such a case, they would invite World Heritage site managers from other countries.

XIV.5 The Committee concluded that it did not support neither a thorough review of the implementation of the Convention nor the drafting of a strategic plan for the" future as proposed, and did not allocate the funding required for this purpose.


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Themes: Communication, World Heritage Convention
Year: 1996
Decision Code: CONF 201 XIV.1-5