World Heritage

2 - Policies Regarding CREDIBILITY of the World Heritage List

2.2 - Outstanding Universal Value

2.2.5 - Protection and management - Management systems

Operational Guidelines

Paragraph 111

“In recognizing the diversity mentioned above, common elements of an effective management system could include:

a) a thorough shared understanding of the property by all stakeholders, including the use of participatory planning and stakeholder consultation process;

b) a cycle of planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and feedback;

c) an assessment of the vulnerabilities of the property to social, economic, and other pressures and changes, as well as the monitoring of the impacts of trends and proposed interventions;

d) the development of mechanisms for the involvement and coordination of the various activities between different partners and stakeholders;

e) the allocation of necessary resources;

f) capacity-building; and

g) an accountable, transparent description of how the management system functions.”


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