Khorramabad Valley

Date of Submission: 09/08/2007
Criteria: (i)(iii)(iv)(v)
Category: Cultural
Submitted by:
Iranian Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization
State, Province or Region:
Khorramabad, Luristan Province
Ref.: 5209

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This valley has been situated in the central heights of Luristan and at heart of limy mounts. Because of abundant water reservoirs and different types of plants and animals, suitable weather and natural defense facilities among Zagros Mountains as well as its special situation as a passage, it has had a great importance through history and has been the origin of life for 40000 years in this region. It is of few Zagros natural passages possessing civilization earlier than the two sides of Zagros Mountains. This valley comprises of at least 20 pre-historic properties such as caves, shelters and ancient sites as well as 20 ancient Tepes and 15 historical properties.

Statements of authenticity and/or integrity

Visual inspection of the relics, accounts of 19th and 20th centuries travelers, scientific, historic, artistic, technical studies by various researches.

Comparison with other similar properties

Incomparable site in terms of the number of bas-reliefs and the historic, political, religious, sociable, artistic values involved, but comparable with similar works in Naqsh-e Rostam, Naqsh-e Raja, Tap-e Chugan and Firuzabad,in Fars Province.