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Sector: Media & Entertainmentclose
Country: United States of America
HISTORY® Photo: © HISTORY® UNESCO's World Heritage Centre and HISTORY® have partnered to increase awareness about heritage preservation worldwide and to promote education ...
National Geographic (NG)
Country: United States of America
Since 2018, UNESCO World Heritage Centre and National Geographic Partners have worked together to raise public awareness and create public engagement in the field of sustainable tourism ...
Nippon Hoso Kyokai (NHK)
Country: Japan
The challenge Our cultural and natural heritage are irreplaceable sources of life as well as sources of inspiration for present and future generations. Reaching the largest public possible is ...
Our Place Heritage - Our Place Publishing (Our Place )
Country: New Zealand
Our Place © OUR PLACE The World Heritage Collection / Giora Dan / Sun Temple, Konârak Since 2006, Our Place supports the World Heritage Centre in promoting the World ...
Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS)
Country: Japan
TBS System Broadcasting Tokyo © TBS Since 1996, Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) have been working towards the promotion of the World Heritage Convention and raising ...
Torch-Run Association
Country: Japan
The World Heritage Torch Run Association is partner of UNESCO since August 2009. Its objective is to transmit the messages of UNESCO through the music and the actions of the UNESCO Artist for ...
Zweites Deutsches Ferneshen (ZDF)
Since 2018, Zweites Deutsches Ferneshen (ZDF) has been working closely with the UNESCO World Heritage Centre to promote the1972 Convention and the Outstanding Universal Value of the properties it ...